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Cisco SMB routers authemtication bypass
SecurityVulns ID:13615
Threat Level:
Description:It's possible to bypass authentication for web administration interface.
Affected:CISCO : Cisco RV110W
 CISCO : Cisco RV215W
 CISCO : Cisco CVR100W
CVE:CVE-2014-0683 (The web management interface on the Cisco RV110W firewall with firmware and earlier, RV215W router with firmware and earlier, and CVR100W router with firmware and earlier does not prevent replaying of modified authentication requests, which allows remote attackers to obtain administrative access by leveraging the ability to intercept requests, aka Bug IDs CSCul94527, CSCum86264, and CSCum86275.)
Original documentdocumentGustavo Speranza, [CVE-2014-0683]Router Cisco RV110W - RV215W - CVR100W - Bypass Login Page - Admin Password Disclosure (20.03.2014)
Files:Cisco Small Business Router Password Disclosure Vulnerability

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