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Cisco routers backdoor
SecurityVulns ID:13520
Threat Level:
Description:Undocumented test interface.
Affected:CISCO : Cisco RVS4000
 CISCO : Cisco WRVS4400N
 CISCO : Cisco WAP4410N
CVE:CVE-2014-0659 (The Cisco WAP4410N access point with firmware through, WRVS4400N router with firmware 1.x through 1.1.13 and 2.x through, and RVS4000 router with firmware through allow remote attackers to read credential and configuration data, and execute arbitrary commands, via requests to the test interface on TCP port 32764, aka Bug IDs CSCum37566, CSCum43693, CSCum43700, and CSCum43685.)
Files:Undocumented Test Interface in Cisco Small Business Devices

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