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D-Link IP cameras information leakage
updated since 17.12.2012
SecurityVulns ID:12788
Threat Level:
Description:It's possible to retrieve camera password.
Affected:DLINK : D-Link DCS-932L
 DLINK : D-Link DCS-930L
CVE:CVE-2012-4046 (The D-Link DCS-932L camera with firmware 1.02 allows remote attackers to discover the password via a UDP broadcast packet, as demonstrated by running the D-Link Setup Wizard and reading the _paramR["P"] value.)
Original documentdocumentRoberto Paleari, Unauthenticated remote access to D-Link DCS cameras (04.02.2013)
 documentdoylej.ia_(at), Password Disclosure in D-Link IP Cameras (CVE-2012-4046) (17.12.2012)
Files:Password Disclosure in D-Link Surveillance Cameras (CVE-2012-4046)

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