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EMC NetWorker Module for MEDITECH information leakage
SecurityVulns ID:14065
Threat Level:
Description:Cleartext passwords in the log files.
Affected:EMC : NetWorker Module for MEDITECH 3.0
CVE:CVE-2014-4620 (The EMC NetWorker Module for MEDITECH (aka NMMEDI) 3.0 build 87 through 90, when EMC RecoverPoint and Plink are used, stores cleartext RecoverPoint Appliance credentials in nsrmedisv.raw log files, which allows local users to obtain sensitive information by reading these files.)
Original documentdocumentEMC, ESA-2014-087: EMC NetWorker Module for MEDITECH (NMMEDI) Information Disclosure Vulnerability (27.10.2014)

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