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EMC RSA Web Threat Detection security vulnerabilities
SecurityVulns ID:14729
Threat Level:
Description:Information disclosure, privilege escalation.
Affected:EMC : RSA Web Threat Detection 5.1
CVE:CVE-2015-4548 (EMC RSA Web Threat Detection before 5.1 SP1 allows local users to obtain root privileges by leveraging access to a service account and writing commands to a service configuration file.)
 CVE-2015-4547 (EMC RSA Web Threat Detection before 5.1 SP1 stores a cleartext AnnoDB password in a configuration file, which allows remote authenticated users to obtain sensitive information by reading this file.)
Original documentdocumentEMC, ESA-2015-152: RSA Web Threat Detection Multiple Vulnerabilities (12.10.2015)

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