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HP OpenView Performance Insight code execution
SecurityVulns ID:10682
Threat Level:
Description:It's possible to upload JSP page to server.
Affected:HP : Performance Insight 5.4
CVE:CVE-2010-0447 (The helpmanager servlet in the web server in HP OpenView Performance Insight (OVPI) 5.4 and earlier does not properly authenticate and validate requests, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via vectors involving upload of a JSP document.)
Original documentdocumentZDI, ZDI-10-026: Hewlett-Packard OVPI helpmanager Servlet Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (11.03.2010)
 documentHP, [security bulletin] HPSBMA02489 SSRT090065 rev.1 - HP Performance Insight , Remote Execution of Arbitrary Commands (11.03.2010)

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