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IBM DB2 database server multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 16.04.2008
SecurityVulns ID:8915
Threat Level:
Description:Privilege escalation with administration utility, db2dasStartStopFMDaemon buffer overflow. JAR files DoS. Code execution with ADMIN_SP_C/ADMIN_SP_C2. Arbitrary files overwrite with SYSPROC.NNSTAT.
Affected:IBM : DB2 9.1
Original documentdocumentSHATTER, Team SHATTER Security Advisory: IBM DB2 UDB Arbitrary code execution in ADMIN_SP_C/ADMIN_SP_C2 procedures (20.04.2008)
 documentSHATTER, Team SHATTER Security Advisory: IBM DB2 UDB Arbitrary file overwrite in SYSPROC.NNSTAT procedure (20.04.2008)
 documentSHATTER, Team SHATTER Security Advisory: Multiple DoS in JAR files manipulation procedures (20.04.2008)
 documentIDEFENSE, [Full-disclosure] iDefense Security Advisory 04.09.08: IBM DB2 Universal Database Administration Server File Creation Vulnerability (16.04.2008)

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