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IBM Web Content Manager information leakage
SecurityVulns ID:13509
Threat Level:
Description:It's possible to obtain configuration data.
Affected:IBM : WebSphere Portal 8.0
CVE:CVE-2013-6735 (IBM WebSphere Portal 6.0.0.x through, 6.0.1.x through, 6.1.0.x through CF27, 6.1.5.x through CF27, 7.0.0.x through CF26, and 8.0.0.x through CF08 allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive Java Content Repository (JCR) information via a modified Web Content Manager (WCM) URL.)
Original documentdocumentSEC Consult Vulnerability Lab, SEC Consult SA-20131227-0 :: IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) XPath Injection (09.01.2014)

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