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Microsoft Internet Explorer 0-day vulnerability
updated since 10.07.2007
SecurityVulns ID:7904
Threat Level:
Description:Unfiltered shell characters on executed URL: protocol application handler.
Affected:MICROSOFT : Windows 2000 Server
 MICROSOFT : Windows 2000 Professional
 MICROSOFT : Windows 2003 Server
 MICROSOFT : Windows Vista
CVE:CVE-2007-3670 (Argument injection vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer, when running on systems with Firefox installed and certain URIs registered, allows remote attackers to conduct cross-browser scripting attacks and execute arbitrary commands via shell metacharacters in a (1) FirefoxURL or (2) FirefoxHTML URI, which are inserted into the command line that is created when invoking firefox.exe. NOTE: it has been debated as to whether the issue is in Internet Explorer or Firefox. As of 20070711, it is CVE's opinion that IE appears to be failing to properly delimit the URL argument when invoking Firefox, and this issue could arise with other protocol handlers in IE as well. However, Mozilla has stated that it will address the issue with a "defense in depth" fix that will "prevent IE from sending Firefox malicious data.")
Original documentdocumentIDEFENSE, iDefense Security Advisory 07.19.07: Multiple Vendor Multiple Product URI Handler Input Validation Vulnerability (19.07.2007)
 documentMOZILLA, Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2007-23 (19.07.2007)
 documentThor Larholm, [Full-disclosure] Internet Explorer 0day exploit (10.07.2007)
Files: Internet Explorer 0day Exploit

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