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ipsec-tools DoS
updated since 14.05.2009
SecurityVulns ID:9909
Threat Level:
Description:NULL pointer dereference on fragmented empty packet, multiple memory leaks.
Affected:IPSECTOOLS : ipsec-tools 0.7
CVE:CVE-2009-1632 (Multiple memory leaks in Ipsec-tools before 0.7.2 allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumption) via vectors involving (1) signature verification during user authentication with X.509 certificates, related to the eay_check_x509sign function in src/racoon/crypto_openssl.c; and (2) the NAT-Traversal (aka NAT-T) keepalive implementation, related to src/racoon/nattraversal.c.)
 CVE-2009-1574 (racoon/isakmp_frag.c in ipsec-tools before 0.7.2 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) via crafted fragmented packets without a payload, which triggers a NULL pointer dereference.)
Original documentdocumentMANDRIVA, [Full-disclosure] [ MDVSA-2009:114 ] ipsec-tools (19.05.2009)
 documentMANDRIVA, [ MDVSA-2009:112 ] ipsec-tools (14.05.2009)

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