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InFocus projectors authentication bypass
SecurityVulns ID:14458
Threat Level:
Description:Few authentication bypass possibilities.
Affected:INFOCUS : InFocus IN3128HD
CVE:CVE-2014-8384 (The InFocus IN3128HD projector with firmware 0.26 does not restrict access to cgi-bin/webctrl.cgi.elf, which allows remote attackers to modify the DHCP server and device IP configuration, reboot the device, change the device name, and have other unspecified impact via a crafted request.)
 CVE-2014-8383 (The InFocus IN3128HD projector with firmware 0.26 allows remote attackers to bypass authentication via a direct request to main.html.)
Original documentdocumentCORE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES ADVISORIES, [CORE-2015-0008] - InFocus IN3128HD Projector Multiple Vulnerabilities (11.05.2015)

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