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Multiple libft p / GFTP security vulnerabilities
SecurityVulns ID:7417
Threat Level:
Description:Multiple buffer overflows of different types.
Affected:LIBFTP : LIBFtp 5.0
 LIBFTP : LIBFtp 3.1
CVE:CVE-2007-1485 (** DISPUTED ** Buffer overflow in the set_umask function in QFTP in LIBFtp 3.1-1 allows local users to execute arbitrary code via a long -m argument. NOTE: CVE disputes this issue because QFTP is not setuid, and it is unlikely that there are web interfaces to QFTP that would accept untrusted command line arguments.)
 CVE-2007-1470 (Multiple buffer overflows in LIBFtp 5.0 allow user-assisted remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via certain long arguments to the (1) FtpArchie, (2) FtpDebugDebug, (3) FtpOpenDir, (4) FtpSize, or (5) FtpChmod function.)
Original documentdocumentstarcadi starcadi, QFTP (LIBFtp 3.1-1) (command line) sprintf() local buffer overflow (17.03.2007)
 documentstarcadi starcadi, LIBFtp 5.0 (sprintf(), strcpy()) Multiple local buffer overflow (17.03.2007)

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