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MIT Kerberos 5 double free()
SecurityVulns ID:10787
Threat Level:
Description:KDC double free()
Affected:MIT : krb5 1.7
 MIT : krb5 1.8
CVE:CVE-2010-1320 (Double free vulnerability in do_tgs_req.c in the Key Distribution Center (KDC) in MIT Kerberos 5 (aka krb5) 1.7.x and 1.8.x before 1.8.2 allows remote authenticated users to cause a denial of service (daemon crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code via a request associated with (1) renewal or (2) validation.)
Original documentdocumentMIT, MITKRB5-SA-2010-004 [CVE-2010-1320] double free in KDC (23.04.2010)

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