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Mozilla Firefox cache crossite access
updated since 10.07.2007
SecurityVulns ID:7906
Threat Level:
Description:wyciwyg:// URL in combination with 302 HTTP response allows to access cached pages.
Affected:MOZILLA : Firefox 2.0
 XULRUNNER : xulrunner 1.8
 ICEWEASEL : iceweasel 2.0
CVE:CVE-2007-3656 (Mozilla Firefox before and 1.8.1.x before does not perform a security zone check when processing a wyciwyg URI, which allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information, poison the browser cache, and possibly enable further attack vectors via (1) HTTP 302 redirect controls, (2) XMLHttpRequest, or (3) view-source URIs.)
Original documentdocumentMOZILLA, Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2007-24 (19.07.2007)
 documentMichal Zalewski, Firefox wyciwyg:// cache zone bypass (10.07.2007)

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