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[EN] no-pyccku

NetProxy protection bypass
SecurityVulns ID:7320
Threat Level:
Description:If URL in proxy request is used withouth http:// prefix, URL access restrictions are not applied and access is not logged.
Affected:NETPROXY : NetProxy 4.03
CVE:CVE-2007-1225 (The connection log file implementation in Grok Developments NetProxy 4.03 does not record requests that omit http:// in a URL, which might allow remote attackers to conduct unauthorized activities and avoid detection.)
 CVE-2007-1224 (Grok Developments NetProxy 4.03 allows remote attackers to bypass URL filtering via a request that omits "http://" from the URL and specifies the destination port (:80).)
Files:NetProxy <= 4.03 Web Filter Evasion / Bypass Logging Exploit

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