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Openswan / Strongswan DoS
SecurityVulns ID:9791
Threat Level:
Description:Crash on R_U_THERE or R_U_THERE_ACK packets replay attack.
Affected:OPENSWAN : Openswan 2.6
 STRONGSWAN : Strongswan 4.2
CVE:CVE-2009-0790 (The pluto IKE daemon in Openswan and Strongswan IPsec 2.6 before 2.6.21 and 2.4 before 2.4.14, and Strongswan 4.2 before 4.2.14 and 2.8 before 2.8.9, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (daemon crash and restart) via a crafted (1) R_U_THERE or (2) R_U_THERE_ACK Dead Peer Detection (DPD) IPsec IKE Notification message that triggers a NULL pointer dereference related to inconsistent ISAKMP state and the lack of a phase2 state association in DPD.)
Original documentdocumentPaul Wouters, CVE-2009-0790: ISAKMP DPD Remote Vulnerability with Openswan & Strongswan IPsec (01.04.2009)

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