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RealPlayer / HelixPlayer buffer overflow
SecurityVulns ID:7856
Threat Level:
Description:Buffer overflow on SMIL2 format time parsing.
Affected:REAL : RealPlayer 10.5
 REAL : HelixPlayer 10.5
CVE:CVE-2007-3410 (Stack-based buffer overflow in the SmilTimeValue::parseWallClockValue function in smlprstime.cpp in RealNetworks RealPlayer and HelixPlayer 10.5-GOLD allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via an SMIL (SMIL2) file with a long wallclock value.)
Original documentdocumentIDEFENSE, iDefense Security Advisory 06.26.07: RealNetworks RealPlayer/HelixPlayer SMIL wallclock Stack Overflow Vulnerability (27.06.2007)

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