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Security vulnerabilities in different Ruby Gems
updated since 06.05.2013
SecurityVulns ID:13063
Threat Level:
Description:VUlnerabilities in different libraries.
Affected:RUBY : Ruby Gem kelredd-pruview 0.3
 RUBY : Ruby Gem ldoce 0.0
 RUBY : Ruby Gem fastreader 1.0
 RUBY : Ruby Gem ftpd 0.2
 RUBY : Ruby gem Rgpg 0.2
CVE:CVE-2013-4203 (The self.run_gpg function in lib/rgpg/gpg_helper.rb in the rgpg gem before 0.2.3 for Ruby allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via shell metacharacters in unspecified vectors.)
Original documentdocumentlarry0_(at), Rgpg 0.2.2 Ruby Gem Remote Command Injection (12.08.2013)
 documentlarry0_(at), Remote command execution for Ruby Gem ftpd-0.2.1 (06.05.2013)
 documentlarry0_(at), Curl Ruby Gem Remote command execution (06.05.2013)
 documentlarry0_(at), MiniMagic ruby gem remote code execution (06.05.2013)
 documentlarry0_(at), Remote command execution in fastreader ruby gem (06.05.2013)
 documentlarry0_(at), Remote command execution in Ruby Gem Command Wrap (06.05.2013)
 documentlarry0_(at), Remote command execution in Ruby Gem ldoce 0.0.2 (06.05.2013)
 documentlarry0_(at), Remote command injection in Ruby Gem kelredd-pruview 0.3.8 (06.05.2013)

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