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Sendio ESP information disclosure
SecurityVulns ID:14525
Threat Level:
Description:Session disclosure via Referer.
Affected:SENDIO : Sendio 7.2
CVE:CVE-2014-8391 (The Web interface in Sendio before 7.2.4 does not properly handle sessions, which allows remote authenticated users to obtain sensitive information from other users' sessions via a large number of request.)
 CVE-2014-0999 (Sendio before 7.2.4 includes the session identifier in URLs in emails, which allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information and hijack sessions by reading the jsessionid parameter in the Referrer HTTP header.)
Original documentdocumentCORE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES ADVISORIES, [CORE-2015-0010] - Sendio ESP Information Disclosure Vulnerability (08.06.2015)

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