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Trend Micro Internet Security Pro privilege escalation
SecurityVulns ID:9786
Threat Level:
Description:tmactmon.sys driver IOCTL processing privilege escalation.
Affected:TM : Trend Micro Internet Security 2008
 TM : Trend Micro Internet Security 2009
CVE:CVE-2009-0686 (The TrendMicro Activity Monitor Module (tmactmon.sys) in Trend Micro Internet Pro 2008 and 2009, and Security Pro 2008 and 2009, allows local users to gain privileges via a crafted IRP in a METHOD_NEITHER IOCTL request to \Device\tmactmon that overwrites memory.)
Original documentdocumentValery Marchuk, [Positive Technologies SA 2009-09] Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2009 tmactmon.sys Priviliege Escalation Vulnerabilities (01.04.2009)

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