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Total Commander / Unreal Commander / Magellan Explorer directory traversal
SecurityVulns ID:8125
Threat Level:
Description:Directory traversal with filename obtained from FTP server.
Affected:XDIESEL : Unreal Commander 0.92
 TOTALCOMMANDER : Total Commander 7.01
 MAGELLAN : Magellan Explorer 3.32
Original documentdocumentGynvael Coldwind, [HISPASEC] 2K7SEPT6 Magellan Explorer 3.32 build 2305 Remote FTP Client Directory Traversal (08.09.2007)
 documentGynvael Coldwind, [HISPASEC] 2K7SEPT6 X-Diesel Unreal Commander v0.92 (build 573) multiple FTP-based vulnerabilities (08.09.2007)
 documentGynvael Coldwind, [HISPASEC] 2K7SEPT6 Total Commander 7.01 Remote FTP Client Directory Traversal (08.09.2007)

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