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Unreal game engine multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 15.09.2008
SecurityVulns ID:9289
Threat Level:
Description:Server integer overflow, client format string vulnerability.
Affected:UNREAL : Unreal Tournament 2003
 UNREAL : Unreal Tournament 3 1.3
 FUELOFWAR : Fuel of War 1.1
Original documentdocumentaluigi_(at)_autistici.or, Failed assertion in the Unreal engine (16.09.2008)
 documentLuigi Auriemma, Clients format strings in the Unreal engine (15.09.2008)
 documentLuigi Auriemma, Server termination in the Unreal engine 3 (15.09.2008)
Files:Exploits server termination in Unreal engine 3
 Unreal engine test server
 Exploits Client format string in Unreal engine

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