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VMWare guest system weak permissions
SecurityVulns ID:7269
Threat Level:
Description:Unprivileged user of guest system with VMWare tools installed can perform some privileged operations, such enabling/disabling network interface.
Affected:VMWARE : VMware Workstation 5.5
CVE:CVE-2007-1056 (VMware Workstation 5.5.3 build 34685 does not provide per-user restrictions on certain privileged actions, which allows local users to perform restricted operations such as changing system time, accessing hardware components, and stopping the "VMware tools service" service. NOTE: exploitation is simplified via (1) weak file permisssions (Users = Read & Execute) for %PROGRAMFILES%\VMware; and weak registry key permissions (access by Users) for (2) vmmouse, (3) vmscsi, (4) VMTools, (5) vmx_svga, and (6) vmxnet in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\; which allows local users to perform various privileged actions outside of the guest OS by executing certain files under %PROGRAMFILES%\VMware\VMware Tools, as demonstrated by (a) VMControlPanel.cpl and (b) vmwareservice.exe.)
Original documentdocumentEitan Caspi, [Full-disclosure] VMware Workstation multiple denial of service and isolation manipulation vulnerabilities (20.02.2007)

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