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UltraVNC / TightVnc multiple integer overflows
SecurityVulns ID:9647
Threat Level:
Affected:ULTRAVNC : UltraVNC 1.0
 TIGHTVNC : TightVnc 1.3
CVE:CVE-2009-0388 (Multiple integer signedness errors in (1) UltraVNC 1.0.2 and 1.0.5 and (2) TightVnc 1.3.9 allow remote VNC servers to cause a denial of service (heap corruption and application crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code via a large length value in a message, related to the (a) ClientConnection::CheckBufferSize and (b) ClientConnection::CheckFileZipBufferSize functions in ClientConnection.cpp.)
Original documentdocumentCORE SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES ADVISORIES, CORE-2008-1009 - VNC Multiple Integer Overflows (05.02.2009)

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