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Linux DBus-GLib / NetworkManager / ModemManager privilege escalation
SecurityVulns ID:11699
Threat Level:
Description:Access flags for exported object are not checked.
Affected:DBUS : libdbus-glib 1.84
CVE:CVE-2010-1172 (DBus-GLib 0.73 disregards the access flag of exported GObject properties, which allows local users to bypass intended access restrictions and possibly cause a denial of service by modifying properties, as demonstrated by properties of the (1) DeviceKit-Power, (2) NetworkManager, and (3) ModemManager services.)
Original documentdocumentUBUNTU, [USN-1138-2] NetworkManager and ModemManager update (30.05.2011)
 documentUBUNTU, [USN-1138-1] DBus-GLib vulnerability (30.05.2011)

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