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ioQuake3 game engine security vulnerabilities
SecurityVulns ID:11824
Threat Level:
Description:Shell characters vulnerability, code execution.
Affected:IOQUAKE3 : ioQuake3 2097
CVE:CVE-2011-2764 (The FS_CheckFilenameIsNotExecutable function in qcommon/files.c in the ioQuake3 engine 1.36 and earlier, as used in World of Padman, Smokin' Guns, OpenArena, Tremulous, and ioUrbanTerror, does not properly determine dangerous file extensions, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted third-party addon that creates a Trojan horse DLL file.)
 CVE-2011-1412 (sys/sys_unix.c in the ioQuake3 engine on Unix and Linux, as used in World of Padman 1.5.x before and OpenArena 0.8.x-15 and 0.8.x-16, allows remote game servers to execute arbitrary commands via shell metacharacters in a long fs_game variable.)
Original documentdocumentThilo Schulz, Two security issues fixed in ioQuake3 engine (01.08.2011)

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