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ruby multiple security vulnerabilities
SecurityVulns ID:11686
Threat Level:
Description:Crossite scripting, privilege escalation, Exception#to_s method data modification, VpMemAlloc memory corruption.
Affected:RUBY : ruby 1.8
CVE:CVE-2011-1005 (The safe-level feature in Ruby 1.8.6 through 1.8.6-420, 1.8.7 through 1.8.7-330, and 1.8.8dev allows context-dependent attackers to modify strings via the Exception#to_s method, as demonstrated by changing an intended pathname.)
 CVE-2011-1004 (The FileUtils.remove_entry_secure method in Ruby 1.8.6 through 1.8.6-420, 1.8.7 through 1.8.7-330, 1.8.8dev, 1.9.1 through 1.9.1-430, 1.9.2 through 1.9.2-136, and 1.9.3dev allows local users to delete arbitrary files via a symlink attack.)
 CVE-2011-0188 (The VpMemAlloc function in bigdecimal.c in the BigDecimal class in Ruby 1.9.2-p136 and earlier, as used on Apple Mac OS X before 10.6.7 and other platforms, does not properly allocate memory, which allows context-dependent attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (application crash) via vectors involving creation of a large BigDecimal value within a 64-bit process, related to an "integer truncation issue.")
 CVE-2010-0541 (Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the WEBrick HTTP server in Ruby in Apple Mac OS X 10.5.8, and 10.6 before 10.6.4, allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via a crafted URI that triggers a UTF-7 error page.)
Original documentdocumentMANDRIVA, [ MDVSA-2011:097 ] ruby (25.05.2011)

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