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6!MacOS X TruBlueEnvironment buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on environment variables parsing.
6!Multiple Informix IDS bugs
document Multiple bugs in different utilities.
 BRS Webweaver crossite scripting
document ISAPISkeleton.dll Crossite scripting
 CGI bugs
updated since 26.01.2004

 Multiple bugs in ProxyNow!
document Multiple buffer overflow

7!Multiple game bugs
document Multiple buffer overflows on parsing different protocols.
 Windows XP .folder files code execution
document It's possible to create .folder file launching executable fail on open.
 BremsServer multiple bugs
document Directory traversal, crossite scripting.
 Finjan SurfinGate unauthorized access
document By using proxy server it's possible to obtain access to administration.
 Novell Netware Enterprise Web Server multiple bugs
document Crossite scripting, directory listing, etc.
 mod_plsql crossite scripting
document Crossite scripting in isqlplus.
 Multiple Tinyserver bugs
document Directory traversal, buffer overflows, etc.
 IBM Net.Data crossite scripting
document Crossite scripting in error messages.

 CGI bugs
updated since 19.01.2004
 freesco crossite scripting
document Crossite scripting in example CGI application.

 Mephistoles Httpd crossite scripting
 OwnServer directory travesal
 2Wire web interface multiple bugs
document Crossite scripting, directory traversal.
 Apache mod_php and mod_perl file decriptor leak
updated since 27.12.2003
document Descriptor leakage allowws to spoof https session in child process.

6!Agnitum Outpost privilege escalation
document It's possible to obtain local system privileges with help or adding new filter.
 GetWare DoS
document Problem with Content-Length: processing in POST request.
 GoAhead DoS
document Invalid Content-Length processing in POST request.
 Networker symlink problem
document Symlink problem in shutdown script.
 GoAhead script source leak
updated since 18.12.2003
document It's possible to obtain content of .asp or cgi-bin file by adding special characters to filename.
 J2EE code execution
updated since 17.12.2003
document It's possible to execute external application in SQL request to pointbase database.

 UltraVNC privilege escalation
document For online help Internet Explorer is launched with system privileges.
 Pablo FTP file existance information leak
document It's possible to check file existance with DEL command.
 Symbolic links problem in NetPBM
document Symlink problem during temporary files creation.

 Midnight Commander buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on archives processing.
 OpenCA certificate spoofing
document A flaw could cause OpenCA to accept a signature from a certificate if the certificate's chain is trusted by the chain directory of OpenCA. This means that a certificate from another PKI can authorize operations on the used PKI if the chain of the used signature certifcate can establish a trust relationship to the actually used PKI.
 CGI bugs
updated since 12.01.2004

6!qmail integer overflow
document Inger overflow on the message with line over 2Gb.
 PayShield protection bypass
document Once in 3 minutes it's possible to get positive answer to any request.
 WWW File Share Pro multiple bugs
document DoS, directory traversal for both reading and writing.
 KDE VCF files buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on file parsing in kdepim.
 RapidCache multiple bugs
document Buffer overflow, directory traversal.
 The Bat! memory corruption
updated since 16.01.2004
document Memory corruption on parsing multipart PGP messages.

7!Multiple bugs in H.323 implementations
6!MDAC buffer overflow
updated since 22.08.2003
document Buffer overflow during bilding list of SQL servers available on network.
 Microsoft Exchange 2003 OWA NTLM wrong mailbox access
document If NTLM authentication is used with front-end server it possible random access to wrong mailbox.

 mod-auth-shadow password expiration weakness
document Account expiration status is not checked during authorization.

 CGI bugs
updated since 29.12.2003
 HTML help privilege escalation
updated since 24.10.2003
document HtmlHelp() call doesn't drop system privileges.

6!Multiple antivirus bzip2 DoS
document Huge complressed bzip2 file causes application to crash.
 Accipiter Direct Server directory traversal
document HTTP directory traversal.
 FreeProxy/FreeWeb multiple bugs
document Directory traversal, DoS.

7!inn buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on control messages handling.
6!Yahoo Instant Messenger buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on oversized filename.
6!Lotus Domino weak permissions
updated since 09.01.2004
document Few configuration files are world writable.
 vbox3 privilege escalation
document Elevated privileges are not dropped on external executable call.
 Cisco personal assistant protection bypass
document It's possible to bypass password protection.
 EDIMAX AR-6004 crossite scripting
 Jabber SSL DoS
document SSL connection handling DoS.
 HD Soft Windows FTP Server format string bug
document Format string bug during authentication.
 ZyXEL10 Crossite scripting
 Multiple fsp bugs
document Buffer overflow, directory traversal.
 SnapStream PVS crossite scripting

7!AIX enq format string bug
document Format string bug during arguments parsing.
 screen integer overflow
 Multiple nd bugs
document Multiple bugs including buffer overflow on server reply parsing.
 Webcam Watchdog buffer overflow
document Stack overflow on oversized HTTP GET request.
 KpyM telnet server DoS
document Connection flood causes server to crash.

6!CHM files execution in Internet Explorer
updated since 19.05.2000
document CHM file (HTML-help) may contain unsafe ActiveX elements and could lead to code execution. CHM execution may be triggered by calling CHM file as a HTML or via ActiveX elements.
 GoodTech Telnet Server buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on oversized line.
 SwitchOff Multiple bugs
document Infinite loop on oversized string to TCP/8000, stack overflow.

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