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6!Multiple bugs in Sambar
updated since 07.10.2003
document Combination of multiple small vulnerabilities leads to remote code execution.
 apache mod_ssl memory leak
 3COM NBX 100 DoS
 Multiple midnight commander bugs
document Buffer overflows, format string bugs, symlink problem on temporary files.
 libpng DoS
document Access to uninitialized memory.

 klogd buffer overflow
document Heap overflow.
 Zonet NAT problem
document During translation to internal network IP address is overwritten with internal IP of the router.

 DiGi WWW Server DoS
document Oversized request with large number of '/' character causes CPU exhaustion.

6!Multiple vulnerabilities and Easter Eggs in HP Web JetAdmin
document Unauthorized access, weak encryption, priviledge escalation.
6!eXtremail format string bugs
document Format string bug in IMAP LOGIN command.
6!eXtermail format string bug
updated since 23.06.2001
document Format string bug in POP3/SMTP commands.
 Samsung switches unauthorized access
document Administrativ access without knowledge of admin password is possible.

 Explorer / Internet Explorer buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on connection to network folder with oversized share name.

 Symantec personal firewalls DoS
document TCP packets with some options of zero langth causes system to hang.
 CGI bugs
updated since 19.04.2004

 Netegrity SiteMinder Affiliate Agent buffer overflow
document Heap overflow on SMPROFILE cookie parsing.

 ident2 buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in child_service() function.
 OpenSSL DoS
document NULL pointer and uninitialized memory reference during SSL/TLS handshake.

6!Cisco SNMP DoS
document Malformed packet can cause router to crash.
 Microsoft Exchange POP3 gateway Exchangepop3 buffer overflow
updated since 21.04.2004
document Buffer overflow in SMTP MAIL FROM command.

8!linux kernel ip_setsockopt integer overflow
document Integer overflow on MCAST_MSFILTER option processing.
6!Solaris NIS unauthorized passwords access
document After installing 113579-03 patch any user can access secure NIS maps, for example passwd.adjunct.byname.
 ssmtp symbolic links problem
document Log file is created in /tmp without checking for symlinks.
 Multiple utempter bugs
document buffer overflows, directory traversal.
 XChat buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in SOCKSv5 client code.

6!Serv-U buffer overflow
updated since 26.01.2004
document Stack overflow in non-RFC 'chmod' and 'mdtm' and 'ls -l' commands.
 Fastream NETFile DoS
document Server crashes on unknown FTP username/password.
 Zaep crosssite scripting
document Crossite scripting in message validation web interface.
 Squirrelmail chpasswd buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on oversized username.
 ColdFusion MX file uploading and error messages memory leak
updated since 17.04.2004
document Memory leak on terminated file upload and oversized error message.
 Symantec Security Check / Trend Micro HouseCall/ RAV online scanning/ Panda ActiveScan / Mcafee FreeScan / BitDefender ActiveX buffer overflow adn another problems
updated since 23.06.2003
document Multiple buffer overflows. File upload and execution.

 Logcheck symbolic links problem
document Symlink problem on temporary files handling.
 CGI bugs
updated since 13.04.2004
 X-Micro WLAN backdoor account
updated since 13.04.2004
document Built-in account 'super' wirh password 'super' or '1502' with password '1502'.

 KPhone buffer overflow
document Stack overflow on parsing STUN packet.
document Oversized URL causes client to hang.
 ADA Image Server multiple bugs
document Directory traversal, buffer overflows, etc.
 SurgeLDAP directory traversal
document user.cgi allows to download any file.
 Cisco IPSec group password weak encryption
document Group password is stored cleartext in memory. Knowledge of group passwords allows to steal individual password from wire.
 ZoneAlarm e-mail protection bypass
document File is not checked if filename contains extended characters.

 ssmtp format string bug
document Format string bug in logging.
 CVS directory traversal
document Server can send absolute path to client.
 Lprng symbolic links problem
updated since 15.04.2003
document psbanner creates temporary file without checking symbolic links.

10!Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 RPC buffer overflow
updated since 17.07.2003
document Multiple buffer overflows during RPC request parsing via TCP/135 and another RPC ports.
8!MS Internet Explorer CHM files and ms-its handler code execution
updated since 09.04.2004
document HTTP redirection to ms-its (and few others) protocol exploiting directory traversal bug cause CHM file to be saved to known location. With another directory traversal bug HTML from CHM file can be executed in local zone.
7!Multiple linux kernel bugs
updated since 22.07.2003
document /proc/tty/driver/serial kestroke counting information leak, multiple execve() problems, multiple STP problems, UDP port spoofing, forwarding table records spoofing. ISO9660 file system buffer overflow.
6!Microsoft Jet Database Engine buffer overflow
document Request to database can cause buffer overflow.
 Eudora nested MIME DoS
document Crash on deeply nested MIME attachment.
 Outlook/Outlook Express NULL character DoS
document Client hangs on POP3 receiving if message contains NULL character.
 Zaep AntiSpam Cross Site Scripting
document Crossite scripting in /?key= parameter.
 ServerAlive weak encryption
document Passwords are stored in text file in base64 format.

 asleap - offline LEAP authentication hacking
document MS-CHAP (NTLM) vulnerability allows offline passwords attacks.
 Citadel/UX weak permissions
document Messageboxes are world readable.
 linux threaded processes DoS
document SIGRT_1 signal can be delivired to application causing invalid handling of child threads termination.
 Old FreeBSD versions ECCEflag ipfw protection bypass
document ACK packets with ECE flags bypass filtering.

 Mutt buffer overflow
updated since 11.02.2004
document Buffer overflow on displaying malformed messages.

 rsniff DoS
document socket is leaked on unsuccessful authentication attempt.
 crackalaka DoS
document Random data to TCP/6667 cause server to crash.
 Cisco IPSec VPN module IKE DoS
updated since 09.04.2004
document Device crashes on malformed IKE packet.
 Multiple LCDProc bugs
document Multiple buffer overflows.
 CGI bugs
updated since 05.04.2004

6!Oracle web cache buffer overflow
updated since 17.03.2004
document Heap overflow on invalid HTTP/HTTPS request.
 Cisco WLSE/HSE backdoor account
document There hardcoded username/password to access device.
 clamav rar DoS
document Certain types of archives cause scanner to crash.

6!Real One / Real Player buffer overflow
document Stack overflow on R3T parsing.
 Kerio Personal Firewall DoS
document Special characters in URL cause service to crash.
 xine symbolic links problem
document Problem during temporary files handling.
 blaxxun buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on handling application/x-cc3d MIME type.
 heimdal privilege escalation
document Trusted real can impersonate any account from trusting realm.

6!DreamWeaver unauthorized access
updated since 05.04.2004
document Test database is accessible after installation.
 IBM Director DoS
document Malformed packets to TCP/14247 cause service to crash.
 Moni HTTP interface multiple bugs
updated since 25.11.2003
document Buffer overflow, DoS.

6!Winamp buffer overflow
document in_mod.dll .xm files parsing buffer overflow.
 SuSE YaST symbolic links problem
document Symbolic links problem with YOU/online_update.
 Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 (crossite scripting)
document Multiple crossite scripting bugs.
 ActivePerl buffer overflow
document win32_stat buffer overflow
 Multiple Llinbit Linbox bugs
document Authentication bypass, password disclosure, privilege escalation.
 fte buffer overflows
document Buffer overflows in concole version.
 textutil symbolic links problem
document synboli links problem on logfile creation.

6!eMule buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on oversized message.
 Multiple IRIX ftpd DoS
document DoS, logging bypass.
 CGI bugs
updated since 30.03.2004

 Multiple bugs in Mondosoft Mondosearch
document DoS, request proxying, user enumeration.

 squid URL ACL protection bypass
document By escaping URL characters it's possible to bypass URL filtering.
 MPlayer buffer overflow
document Buffer overflows during URL parsing.
 cdp buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on oversized CD track name.

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