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8!WebKit / Apple Safari multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple memory corruptions and crossite scripting.
8!Apple Mac OS X multiple security vulnerabilities
document Information leakage, memory corruption on graphics and video formats parsing, privilege escalation, different libraries vulnerabilities.
8!Chromium / Google Chrome multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 05.06.2013
document Use-after-free, DoS conditions, race conditions, information leakage, XSS.
7!PHP buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in quoted_printable_encode() function.
7!X servers and libraries security vulnerabilities
updated since 27.05.2013
document Multiple integer overflows, buffer overflows, memory corruptions, etc.
 pymongo DoS
document NULL pointer dereference.
 HP Integrated Lights-Out unauthorized access
document Unauthorized access if SSO is configured.
 HP Service Manager / HP ServiceCenter security vulnerabilities
document Crossite scripting, information leakage.
 Ubiquiti airCam buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in RTSP service
 Ruckus ZoneDirector authentication bypass
document Unauthorized access if external authentication protocol is configured.
 Subversion security vulnerabilities
document Few DoS conditions.
 telepathy-gabbleprotection bypass
document TLS required flag is ignored on jabber network.
 Avira Antivir DoS
document Endless loop on PDF processing.
 Wireshark multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 03.06.2013
document Vulnerabilities in GTPv2, ASN.1 BER, PPP CCP, DCP ETSI, MPEG DSM-CC, CAPWAP, HTTP, DCP ETSI and Websocket dissectors.
 Mozilla Firefox / Microsoft Internet Explorer DoS
document Crash or hang via resources exhaustion.
 DBus DoS
document Crash on message processing.

8!Microsoft Office buffer overflow
document Microsoft Outlook vulnerability on messages reading is used in-the-wild.
8!Microsoft Internet Explorer multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple memory corruptions.
7!Microsoft Windows multiple security vulnerabilities
document Kernel information leakage, drivers DoS, print spooler privilege escalation.

7!Apple Mac OS X Directory Service buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on response parsing.
7!OpenVPN cryptography weakness
document It's possible to inject and decript ciphertext in UDP mode.
6!InfoTeCS applications weak permissions
document Weak permissions for installation folder.
6!Zavio IP cameras multiple security vulnerabilities
document Hardcoded credentials, code execution, weak permissions.
6!MayGion IP cameras security vulnerabilities
document Buffer overflow, directory traversal.
6!HP Data Protector multiple security vulnerabilities
document Privilege escalation, code execution, DoS.
 python-httplib insufficient certificate validation
document Certificate is only validated on first request.
 Cisco TelePresence Supervisor DoS
document Resources exhaustion on TCP packets processing.
 Xen security vulnerabilities
document DoS, information leakage, privilege escalation.

6!ModSecurity DoS
document NULL pointer dereference under some conditions.
6!FreeBSD NFS server memory corruption
updated since 04.05.2013
document It's possible to call readdir on plain file.
 Monkey HTTPD security vulnerabilities
document Crash on NULL byte in request. Buffer overflow on oversized header.
 KDE Paste applet weak password generation
document Weak PRNG.
 kde4libs information leakage
document User's credentials are incorrectly requested under some conditions.
 socat security vulnerabilities
document Buffer overflow, file descriptor leakage.
 Sony PlayStation 3 code execution
 LibTiff security vulnerabilities
document tiff2pdf vulnerabilities

6!gnutls DoS
document Out-of-bounds read on packet decoding.
6!Netgear DGN devices security vulnerabilities
document Authentication bypass, code execution.
 Imperva SecureSphere Operations Manager multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple web interface vulnerabilities.
 DS3 Authentication Server multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple web interface security vulnerabilities.
 MIT Kerberos 5 DoS
document Server sends response to response, it makes it possible to loop packets between two servers.
 Microsoft Security Essentials outdated libraries
document Outdated runtime libraries with known vulnerabilities are installed in Windows XP / 2003
 Sketchup multiple security vulnerabilities
document Vulnerabilities on SKP, BMP, PICT parsing.

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