Computer Security
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8!Mozilla Firefox / Thunderbird / Seamonkey multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple memory corruptions and buffer overflows.
7!Apache multiple security vulnerabilities
document mod_status buffer overflow, mod_proxy, mod_deflate, mod_cgid DoS.
6!Videolan vlc multiple security vulnerabilities
document Buffer overflows on different video formats parsing.
 CUPS unauthorized files access
updated since 22.07.2014
document Unauthorized access to RSS files

 libgd / PHP DoS
document NULL pointer dereference on XPM files parsing.
 liblzo integer overflow
document Integer overflow on LZO decompression.
 HP StoreVirtual security vulnerabilities
document Information leakage, privilege escalation.
 Nessus Web UI information leakage
document Information leakage via Web.
 Microsoft Windows XP privilege escalation
document BthPan.sys and MQAC.sys privilege escalation.
 PolarSSL DoS
document DoS on GCM cypher.
 HP Intelligent Management Center / HP Branch Intelligent Management System information leakage

8!Oracle / Sun / PeopleSoft / MySQL applications security vulnerabilities
document Over 100 vulnerabilities in different applications are fixed in quarterly update.
8!Microsoft Windows multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 14.07.2014
document RDP weak encryption, TCP DoS, XML libraries information leakage, graphics libraries memory corruptions, Windows Journal memory corruptions, virtual keyboard privilege escalation, ADF privilege escalation, DirectoShow privilege escalation, Microsoft Service Bus DoS, multiple Internet Explorer vulnerabilities.
6!Bitdefender GravityZone multiple security vulnerabilities
document Unauthorized access, authentication bypass.
6!Cisco Wireless Residential Gateway code execution
document Code execution via web interface.
6!HP Storage Data Protector code execution
6!transmission memory corruption
document Memory corruption on bittorrent packets parsing.
6!Linux kernel multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 17.06.2014
document Kernel memory content leak via media_enum_entities() and rd_mcp() IOCTL, DoS, privilege escalations.
 Citrix NetScaler security vulnerabilities
document Information leak, XSS.
 OpenVPN Access Server CSRF
document XML-RPC interface CSRF.
 perl LWP::Protocol::https certificates check vulnerability
document Certificate check is completely disabled if hostname check was disabled.
 Barracuda Networks Message Archiver 650 code execution
document Code execution via web interface.
 EMC RecoverPoint Appliance restrictions bypass
document Access to arbitrary ports is not restricted.
 DoS via fail2ban
document Invalid logs parsing allows to ban arbitrary hosts.

7!python security vulnerabilities
document _json information leak, CGIHTTPServer unauthroized files access and code execution, lz4 integer overflow.
7!ffmpeg / libav multiple security vulnerabilities
document Integer overflows, memory corruptions, buffer overflows, etc.
7!file / PHP multiple security vulnerabilities
document Memroy corruptions, DoS, information leakage.
7!Microsoft Word memory corruption
document Memory corruption on embedded fonts parsing.
6!FreeBSD information leakage
document SCTP calls information leakage.
 glibc protection bypass
document It may be possible to bypass some restriction because of incorrect .. seqence processing in locale related functions.
 Microsoft Lync information leakage
document Cross application scripting.

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