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9!Netscape NSS libraries buffer overflow
updated since 25.08.2004
document Buffer overflow during SSL negotiation.
6!Gaucho buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on oversized Content-Length: field.
6!Cisco IOS telnet DoS
document Specially crafted telnet or reverse telnet connection causes all TCP based services to fail.
6!Cisco Secure ACS multiple bugs
document TCP requests flood DoS, LEAP DoS, anonymous access if Novell Directory Service with anonymous account enabled is used, weak protection against connection hijacking.
6!Heimdal ftpd/tnftpd/lukemftpd signal handling race conditions
updated since 19.08.2004
document Problem with OOB data processing.
6!CDE libDtHelp buffer overflow
updated since 05.11.2003
document Buffer overflow on DTHELPUSERSEARCHPATH/LOGNAME variable parsing.
 Samba Printer Change Notification DoS
document DoS on FindNextPrintChangeNotify request processing.
 a2ps shell characters code execution
 ignitionServer DoS
document Insufficient restrictions on the "SERVER" command can be exploited by clients to introduce non-existing servers to the network.
 linux kernel information leak
document /proc problems hit again
 zlib DoS
updated since 30.08.2004
 Top Layer Attack Mitigator IPS 5500 DoS
document 2000 concurrent HTTP sessions causes 100% CPU usage.
 OpenBSD bridging ICMP DoS
document If bridging is used, ICMP echo packet causes system to crash.
 Ipswitch WhatsUp buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in _maincfgret.cgi
 Microsoft Outlook Express information leak
document Bcc: header may not be stripped for partial multipart MIME message.
 NtRegMon DoS
document NULL pointer dereference during ZwSetQueryValue hook processing.

7!Entrust libKmp buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow during incoming ISAKMP request processing.
6!JRE/JDK/WINAMP/ICQ/MediaPlayer sound schema files download
updated since 17.07.2002
document ICQ sound schemas are downloaded without user's intervation. It allows to upload file to known location.
 D-Link DI-624/NetworkEverywhere NR041 crossite scripting
updated since 03.07.2004
document Information from DFHCP request is shown on web administration page without filtering.

 icecast crossite scripting
document Crossite scripting in User-Agent.
 imwheel symbolic links problem
document PID file is created in /tmp directory
 MusicDaemon unauthorized access
document It's possible to obtain any file remotely.
 Bird Chat DoS
 Solaris dtmail format string bug
document format string bug in argv[0] allows privilege escalation to gid group.
 CGI bugs
updated since 17.08.2004
 Hafiye terminal characters injection
document It's possible to inject terminal ESC sequences.

 &RQ buffer overflow
document Authorization request buffer overflow.
 sarad buffer oveflow
document Multiple buffer overflows.

8!glibc LD_DEBUG privilege escalation
document glibc allows LD_DEBUG to be applied to suid binaries.
6!Cisco IOS OSPF DoS
document Malformed OSPF packet causes router to reboot.
 HP-UX network applications DoS
 CVS information leak
document By using undocumented -X key for 'cvs history' command it's possible to check existance of system files.
 aGsm buffer overflow
document Bufer overflow during Half-Life server reply analisys.
 IPD NULL pointer DoS
document ZwOpenSection hook NULL pointer dereference problem.
 Courier-imap debugging format string
document Pre-authentication format string bug in debugging function.
 IPSwitch Imail password decryption
document Password are stored with reversable encryption as required for secure authentication.

6!rsync directory traversal
updated since 02.05.2004
document It's possible to bypass directory traversal protection by adding few slashes into path.
 NETGEAR DG834G unauthorized access
document It's possible to switch router to debug mode with unauthorized root access.
 Multiple Adobe Acrobat Reader bugs
document Shell metacharacters problem, uudecode buffer overflow.

 Nessus symbolic links problem
document adduser temporayr files symlink problem.
 Multiple vpopmail bugs
document Buffer overflows, SQL injection in SyBase access module.

6!Multiple GAIM bugs
document Buffer overflows on parsing MSN protocol.
 Multiple KDE bugs
document Multiple symbolic links problems, Konqueror frame spoofing.
 Clearswift Mimesweeper directory traversal
 ISS BlackIce buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on configuration reading.
 CGI bugs
updated since 09.08.2004

 Sygate Enforcer broadcast protection bypass and DoS
document Broadcast packets are not filtered. It's possible to cause device shutdown by sending malformed broadcast packet to UDP/39999.
 Sygate Secure Enterprise replay attacks
document Weak cryptography in communications between server and client doesn't protect against replay attacks.
 Port80 Software ServerMask protection bypass
document Multiuple remote server type detection methods are available.
 HP-UX PRM data corruption

7!cfengine memory corruption
document Heap corruption during authentication.
 Spamassassin DoS
document Malcrafted message can cause service to crash.
 JAVA XSLT processor XML sniffing
document It's psosible to sniff XML data from different application domain.

 AOL Instant Messenger buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in aim:goaway URI handler.
 VentaFax Privilege escalation
document VentaEngine (available via systray) runs with Local System privilege. On double click file selsction meny is open. It allows "Execute" command to be choosen for executable files.
 Serv-U privilege escalation
document With SITE EXEC command from local interface it's possible to execute any command with system privileges.

 BlackJumboDog buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in FTP PASS command.
 CGI bugs
updated since 02.08.2004

 Linux kernel integer types conversion problems.
document It's possible to access kernel memory because of inters conversion bug in 64bit file API (for example llseek).
 PUTTY/PSCP buffer overflows
updated since 04.08.2004
document Few buffer overflows.

6!thttpd for Windows directory traversal
document Directory traversal by using backslash.
 Datakeys tokens/smart cards weak encryption
document All data between computer and device are transmitted unencrypted.
 StackDefender DoS
document Invalid pointer dereference on few API hooks.

6!Netscape/Mozilla SOAP integer overflow
document Integer overflow in SOAPParameter object constructor.
 USRobotics USR8054 buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on oversized GET request to builtin HTTP server.

7!Multiple Internet Explorer vulnerabilities
document Integer overflow on .BMP parsing, double free() on GIF parsing, new ms-its: vulnerability variant.
6!UnixWare/OpenServer/Open Unix XSco buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on fonts aliases reading.
6!Citadel/UX buffer overflow
document Stack overflow on oversized USER command to citadel (TCP/504) port.
 Webbsyte Chat DoS
document DoS on large number of connections.
 MailEnable HTTPMail buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on oversized Content-Length.
 Windows XP/Windows 2003 DoS
document Flood with WinKey+U from consoles or via RDP before logon causes memory exhaustion.
 Mozilla XUL interface spoofing
document By using XML based language it's possible to spoof browser interface.

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