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8!Microsoft Windows multiple security vulnerabilities
document OLE code execution, Windows Theme files code execution, kernel mode drivers privilege escalation, SCM privilege escalation, Acrive Directory DoS.
8!Microsoft Office multiple security vulnerabilities
document Memory corruption on Outlook S/MIME parsing. Information leakage, multiple memory corruptions.
8!Microsoft Internet Explorer multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple memory corruptions.
6!Sophos Web Protection Appliance code execution
document Few command injections.
6!FreeBSD multiple security vulnerabilities
document ifioctls privilege escalation, nullfs privilege escalation, sendfile information leakage.
6!Microsoft Frontpage information leakage
document XML information disclosure.
 Subversion symbolic links vulnerabilitiy
document Privilege escalation via symbolic links.
 python libraries security vulnerabilities
document SSL certificates parsing DoS, protection bypass.
 HP ProCurve Manager, HP Identity Driven Manager multiple security vulnerabilities
document Code execution, session reusage, SQL injection.
 D-Link DIR-505 routers multiple security vulnerabilities
document Code execution, directory taversal, weak encryption, privilege escalation, authentication bypass.

8!Microsoft Windows multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 14.08.2013
document Unicode Scripts Processor memory corruption, RPC privilege escalation, kernel protection bypass and memory corruptions, IPv6 and NAT DoS.
8!Microsoft Internet Explorer multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 14.08.2013
document Protection bypass, crossite scripting, memory corruptions.
7!Mikrotik RouterOS buffer overflow
document ssh daemon buffer overflow
6!Cisco WebEx applications multiple security vulnerabilities
document Memory corruptions, buffer overflows.
6!RoundCube crossite scripting
document Multiple crossite scripting vulnerabilities via message body.
6!WebKit / Appl Safari / Google Chrome security vulnerabilities
updated since 05.11.2012
document Race conditions, use-after-free.
 Zoom routers multiple security vulnerabilities
document Directory traversal, authentication bypass, information leakage.
 RSA Archer GRC security vulnerabilities
document Invalid login restrictions, open redirect.
 libdigidoc unauthorized access
document It's possible to overwrite any file.
 imagemagic buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on GIF parsing.
 libmodplug security vulnerabilities
document Few code execution possibilities
 Apple AitPort DoS
document Hang on invalid length packets processing.
 Web applications security vulnerabilities summary (PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI, Perl)
document PHP inclusions, SQL injections, directory traversals, crossite scripting, information leaks, etc.
 exactimage DoS
document Few dcraw vulnerabilities

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