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CUPS integer overflow
SecurityVulns ID:9477
Threat Level:
Description:Integer overflow on PNG height value leads to buffer overflow
Affected:CUPS : cups 1.3
CVE:CVE-2008-5377 (pstopdf in CUPS 1.3.8 allows local users to overwrite arbitrary files via a symlink attack on the /tmp/pstopdf.log temporary file, a different vulnerability than CVE-2001-1333.)
 CVE-2008-5286 (Integer overflow in the _cupsImageReadPNG function in CUPS 1.1.17 through 1.3.9 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a PNG image with a large height value, which bypasses a validation check and triggers a buffer overflow.)
 CVE-2008-5184 (The web interface (cgi-bin/admin.c) in CUPS before 1.3.8 uses the guest username when a user is not logged on to the web server, which makes it easier for remote attackers to bypass intended policy and conduct CSRF attacks via the (1) add and (2) cancel RSS subscription functions.)
 CVE-2008-5183 (cupsd in CUPS 1.3.9 and earlier allows local users, and possibly remote attackers, to cause a denial of service (daemon crash) by adding a large number of RSS Subscriptions, which triggers a NULL pointer dereference. NOTE: this issue can be triggered remotely by leveraging CVE-2008-5184.)

libsamplerate buffer overflow
SecurityVulns ID:9478
Threat Level:
Affected:LIBSAMPLERATE : Secret Rabbit Code 0.1
CVE:CVE-2008-5008 (Buffer overflow in src/src_sinc.c in Secret Rabbit Code (aka SRC or libsamplerate) before 0.1.4, when "extreme low conversion ratios" are used, allows user-assisted attackers to have an unknown impact via a crafted audio file.)
Original documentdocumentGENTOO, [ GLSA 200812-05 ] libsamplerate: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code (03.12.2008)

Google Chrome / Opera crossite scripting
updated since 28.10.2008
SecurityVulns ID:9387
Threat Level:
Description:Page URL is written to file unfiltered when page is saved.
Affected:GOOGLE : Chrome 0.2
 OPERA : Opera 9.52
Original documentdocumentMustLive, Cross-browser Code Execution via XSS (03.12.2008)
 documentMustLive, Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Opera (30.10.2008)
 documentMustLive, Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Google Chrome (28.10.2008)

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