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PoPToP pptpd DoS
SecurityVulns ID:7693
Threat Level:
Description:Invalid PPTP packet causes connection tear-down.
Affected:POPTOP : pptpd 1.3
CVE:CVE-2007-0244 (pptpgre.c in PoPToP Point to Point Tunneling Server (pptpd) before 1.3.4 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (PPTP connection tear-down) via (1) GRE packets with out-of-order sequence numbers or (2) certain GRE packets that are processed using a wrong pointer and improperly dequeued.)
Original documentdocumentDEBIAN, [SECURITY] [DSA 1288-1] New pptpd packages fix denial of service (11.05.2007)

Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Server TLS downgrade attack
SecurityVulns ID:7694
Threat Level:
Description:Connection is established without encryption after unsuccessful authentication even if server setting require one.
Affected:MICROSOFT : Windows 2003 Server
Original documentdocumentsoftware_(at), RDP TLS downgrade (11.05.2007)

Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite multiple security vulnerabilities
SecurityVulns ID:7695
Threat Level:
Description:Outdated vulnerable version of Apache Tomcat embedded software is used, information leak, DoS, crossite scripting.
Affected:NOKIA : Intellisync Mobile Suite 6.4
 NOKIA : Intellisync Mobile Suite 6.6
Original documentdocumentSEC Consult Vulnerability Lab, SEC Consult SA-20070509-0 :: Multiple vulnerabilites in Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite & Wireless Email Express (11.05.2007)

NCTsoft multiple applications ActiveX buffer overflow
updated since 24.01.2007
SecurityVulns ID:7099
Threat Level:
Description:Buffer overflow in NCTAudioFile2.AudioFile SetFormatLikeSample() method.
Affected:NCTSOFT : NCTAudioStudio 2.7
 NCTSOFT : NCTAudioEditor 2.7
 NCTSOFT : NCTDialogicVoice 2.7
 BEARSHARE : BearShare 6.0
CVE:CVE-2007-0018 (Stack-based buffer overflow in the NCTAudioFile2.AudioFile ActiveX control (NCTAudioFile2.dll), as used by multiple products, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long argument to the SetFormatLikeSample function. NOTE: the products include (1) NCTsoft NCTAudioStudio, NCTAudioEditor, and NCTDialogicVoice; (2) Magic Audio Recorder, Music Editor, and Audio Converter; (3) Aurora Media Workshop; DB Audio Mixer And Editor; (4) J. Hepple Products including Fx Audio Editor and others; (5) EXPStudio Audio Editor; (6) iMesh; (7) Quikscribe; (8) RMBSoft AudioConvert and SoundEdit Pro 2.1; (9) CDBurnerXP; (10) Code-it Software Wave MP3 Editor and aBasic Editor; (11) Movavi VideoMessage, DVD to iPod, and others; (12) SoftDiv Software Dexster, iVideoMAX, and others; (13) Sienzo Digital Music Mentor (DMM); (14) MP3 Normalizer; (15) Roemer Software FREE and Easy Hi-Q Recorder, and Easy Hi-Q Converter; (16) Audio Edit Magic; (17) Joshua Video and Audio Converter; (18) Virtual CD; (19) Cheetah CD and DVD B)
Original documentdocumentSECUNIA, Secunia Research: BearShare NCTAudioFile2 ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow (11.05.2007)
 documentSECUNIA, [Full-disclosure] Secunia Research: NCTsoft Products NCTAudioFile2 ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow (24.01.2007)
Files:[PoC] 79 Exes's / IE NCTAudioFile2.AudioFile ActiveX Remote Stack Overfl0w
 E NCTAudioFile2.AudioFile ActiveX Remote Stack Overfl0w

CA eTrust antivirus multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 11.05.2007
SecurityVulns ID:7696
Threat Level:
Description:Local buffer overflow in task scheduler, remote buffer overflow in antiviral server (TCP/12168).
Affected:CA : eTrust Integrated Threat Management 8
 CA : eTrust AntiVirus Server 8
 CA : eTrust Antivirus Agent 8
 CA : CA Anti-Spyware 8
 CA : CA Protection Suites 3
CVE:CVE-2007-2523 (CA Anti-Virus for the Enterprise r8 and Threat Manager r8 before 20070510 use weak permissions (NULL security descriptor) for the Task Service shared file mapping, which allows local users to modify this mapping and gain privileges by triggering a stack-based buffer overflow in InoCore.dll before 8.0.448.0.)
 CVE-2007-2522 (Stack-based buffer overflow in the inoweb Console Server in CA Anti-Virus for the Enterprise r8, Threat Manager r8, Anti-Spyware for the Enterprise r8, and Protection Suites r3 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a long (1) username or (2) password.)
Original documentdocumentCA, [CAID 35330, 35331]: CA Anti-Virus, CA Threat Manager, and CA Anti-Spyware Console Login and File Mapping Vulnerabilities (12.05.2007)
 documentbinagres_(at), Computer Associates eTrust InoTask.exe Antivirus Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (11.05.2007)
 documentZDI, ZDI-07-028: CA eTrust AntiVirus Server inoweb Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (11.05.2007)
 documentIDEFENSE, iDefense Security Advisory 05.09.07: Computer Associates eTrust InoTask.exe Antivirus Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (11.05.2007)
Files:Exploit for eTrust Antivirus Agent r8

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