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Buffer overflow in mshtml.dll
updated since 13.02.2002
SecurityVulns ID:1782
Description:Stack overflow on long filename or extension in <EMBED> tag.
Affected:MICROSOFT : Internet Explorer 5.0
 MICROSOFT : Internet Explorer 5.5
 MICROSOFT : Outlook 98
 MICROSOFT : Outlook 2000
 MICROSOFT : Internet Explorer 6.0
Original documentdocument3APA3A, Details and exploitation of buffer overflow in mshtml.dll (and few sidenotes on Unicode overflows in general) (27.02.2002)
 documentX-FORCE, Buffer Overflow in Microsoft Internet Explorer (26.02.2002)
 documentCERT, Advisory CA-2002-04 Buffer Overflow in Microsoft Internet Explorer (26.02.2002)
 documentMICROSOFT, Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-005 (15.02.2002)
 document3APA3A, dH & SECURITY.NNOV: buffer overflow in mshtml.dll (13.02.2002)
Files:matrix.htm - proof of concept for Internet Explorer mshtml.dll overflow
 source code for matrix.htm
 buffer overflow in mshtml.dll

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