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  RACKSPACE : Rackspace Windows Agent 1.2
  MICROSOFT : Windows 8.1
  CITRIX : Access Gateway Plug-in for Windows 9.3
  MICROSOFT : Windows Live Messenger 2009
  ACRONIS : Acronis True Image Windows Agent 1.0
  WINDOWSRSHD : Windows rshd 1.7
  WINPT : Windows Privacy Tray 1.2
  CREDANT : Credant Mobile Guardian Shield for Windows 5.2
  MICROSOFT : Windows Media Player 11
  CITRIX : Citrix Presentation Server Client for Windows 9.200
Name:MICROSOFT : Windows 95

6!Multiple SNMP problems
updated since 13.02.2002
document Multiple problems in different SNMP implementation can lead to DoS, remote code execution, etc.
7!Windows NTLM relaying attacks
updated since 14.09.2000
document Some client program use NTLM authentication with user's permission without user request. It may leak to NTLM credentials and perform choosen challenge attack and comprometation of server's with client credentials by relaying NTLM request.
 DoS against Windows and other systems
updated since 20.05.2000
document A number of fragmented packet cause host to freeze during the attack.
6!NAPTHA - DoS через открытые/полуоткрытые соединения
updated since 05.12.2000
 DoS против NetBIOS/TCP/IP - NBT flood
9!Проблемы с безопасностью на уровне ресурсов в Windows 95/98/ME (Share Level Password)
updated since 11.10.2000
 DoS против Windows 95/98/ME - NetBIOS driver
 DoS по IPX против Windows 95/96/ME (Malformed IPX NMPI Packet)
 Серьезная проблема с реализацией NetBIOS (NetBT) в Windows
 Лазейка в службе Terminal Services, открывающая доступ к ресурсам подключенных к ней клиентов Windows 95/98
6!DoS (пустое имя NetBIOS) против Windows

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