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Name:MICROSOFT : ISA Server 2000

6!Microsoft ISA Server proxy / firewall multiple vulnerabilities
document Cache poisoning problem, NetBIOS predefined filter vulnerability.
6!Microsoft ISA Server 2000 firewall DoS
document Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server's Firewall crashes when heavy network traffic is received from a SecureNAT client.
 Microsoft ISA 2000 DNS cache poisoning
document Content spoofing by DNS cache poisoning.
 Multiple ISA server bugs
document ISA SP2 closes few security holes: buffer overflow during redirect from denied resource, basic credentials may be sent over an External HTTP connection when SSL is required for published server, FTP bounce attack, handles leak in message screener, etc.
7!Multiple bugs in H.323 implementations
 Microsoft IDS Server crossite scripting
document Crossite scripting in error message.
 Microsoft ISA Server
document It's possible to cause infinite reply loops with spoofed UDP packets with bith source and destination ports 1745 between 2 servers on from server to itself.
 Microsoft ISA Server DNS publishing DoS
document Incomplete DNS request DoS.
8!Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Proxy & Microsoft ISA server buffer overflow gopher buffer overflow
updated since 04.06.2002
6!DoS и crossite в MS ISA (DoS, crossite scripting)
 DoS против Microsoft ISA (invalid proxy request)
updated since 16.04.2001

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