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Name:MICROSOFT : Exchange 2007

9!Microsoft Exchange Server multiple security vulnerabilities
document Machine authentication check code execution, crossite scripting, Oracle components code execution.
7!Microsoft Exchange Oracle libraries security vulnerabilities
document Outlook Web Access vulnerabilities because of vulnerable Oracle Outside In libraries.
8!Microsoft Exchange / FAST Search Server code execution
document Code execution on Outlook Web Access document viewing / Advanced Filter Pack because of Oracle Outside In technology vulnerability.
 Microsoft Exchange DoS
document Invalid RSS feeds processing.
7!Microsoft Exchange Server WebReady Document Viewing multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple vulnerabilities in embedded Oracle Outside In technology.
8!Microsoft Exchange multiple security vulnerabilities
document Memory corruption on TNEF (Exchange format) messages parsing, DoS.
 Microsoft Outlook Web Access crossite scripting
updated since 09.07.2008
document Crossite scripting on different pages.
8!Microsoft Exchange multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 08.05.2007
document OWA crossite scripting, IMAP DoS, iCal parsing DoS, Base64 decoding memory corruption, IMAP DoS.

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