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Name:MICROSOFT : SQL Server 2000

 Microsoft libraries security vulnerabilities
updated since 20.08.2012
document MSCOMCTL.OCX ActiveX code execution.
 Microsoft SQL Server memory corruption
document sp_replwritetovarbin stored procedure memory overwrite.
6!Microsoft SQL Server 2000 sp_replwritetovarbin privilege escalation
updated since 09.12.2008
document It's possible to overwrite process internal data and execute code in server context.
6!Microsoft SQL Server multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 09.07.2008
document Buffer overflows, memorry corruptions, information leak.
6!Multiple bugs in Microsoft SQL Server
document Buffer overflow in LPC request, DoS via RPC request, named pipe impersonalization.
6!Multiple bugs in Microsoft SQL Server (multiple bugs)
updated since 21.02.2002
document Buffer overflows in OpenDataSource, OPENROWSET, pwdencrypt and xp_dirtree. Weak registry permissions, weak password enbcryption.
 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SQLXML buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in ISAPI filter and crossite scripting.
6!Переполнения буфера в текстовых функциях Microsoft SQL Server (buffer overflow)
 RPC DoS против MS Exchange/SQL/Windows NT/2000
updated since 27.07.2001
 Проблема кэшированных подключений в MS SQL (cached connections)

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