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  TRILOGIC : Triologic Media Player 8
  MEDIAPLAYERCLASS : Media Player Classic 1.3
  BAOFENG : Baofeng Media Player 3.9
  NOKIA : Nokia Multimedia Player 1.1
  Destiny : Destiny Media Player 1.61
  ROSOFT : Rosoft Media Player 4.1
  VIDEOLAN : VLC media player 0.86
  MPC : Media Player Classic 6.4
  MICROSOFT : Windows Media Player 11
  SONGIBIRD : Songbird Media Player 0.2
Name:MICROSOFT : Media Player 7.1

6!JRE/JDK/WINAMP/ICQ/MediaPlayer sound schema files download
updated since 17.07.2002
document ICQ sound schemas are downloaded without user's intervation. It allows to upload file to known location.
6!Microsoft Mediaplayer ediaplayer .ASX/.NSC/.ASF buffer overflow, .WMS code execution
updated since 15.11.2000
document Oversized tag in .asx file causes buffer overflows. Skins allow code execution on client side with .WMS files.

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