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Name:VMWARE : VMware ESX 3.5

6!VMWare application multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 06.12.2010
document Privilege escalation, code execution.
 VMWare applications multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 12.04.2010
document Code execution, privilege escalation, buffer overflow, format string vulnerabilities, DoS, information leaks.
 VMWare application WebAccess multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple crossite scripting vulnerabilities.
6!VMWare multiple security vulnerabilities
document Privilege escalation in guest system. Directory traversal on access from guest to host system.
6!VMWare multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 08.04.2009
document Multiple DoS conditions, privilege escalations, buffer overflows in VNnc codec.
6!VMWare sandbox protection bypass
document It's possilbe to access phisical memory from guest machine.
6!VMWare security vulnereabilities
document Privilege escalation in guest OS due to invalid CPU emulation, directory traversal.
 VMWare privilege escalation
document 64-bit platforms guest system privilege escalation.

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