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Name:NTP : ntp 4.2

8!ntp multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple memory corruptions.
 ntpd DoS
document Crash is possible under specific conditions.
8!ntpd multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 23.12.2014
document Authentication bypass, buffer overflow, information leakage, restrictions bypass.
7!ntp traffic amplification
document monlist ntp feature is used in-the-wild for traffic amplification.
 ntp server DoS
document NTP packet from the spoofed address of server itself causes resources exhaustion.
6!ntpd buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow if autokey option is enabled.
 ntp client buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on NTP server reply parsing.
7!OpenSSL / ntp / bind / boinc certificate validation cryptographic vulnerabilities
updated since 09.01.2009
document Multiple vulnerabilities in SSL/TLS DSA/ECDSA certificate chain validations.

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