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Name:MICROSOFT : Internet Explorer 5.0

6!CHM files execution in Internet Explorer
updated since 19.05.2000
document CHM file (HTML-help) may contain unsafe ActiveX elements and could lead to code execution. CHM execution may be triggered by calling CHM file as a HTML or via ActiveX elements.
6!Microsoft Internet Explorer showHelp crossite scripting
updated since 07.02.2003
document Subsequent calls to showHelp cause content to be displayed in the same security zone.
8!Buffer overflow in mshtml.dll
updated since 13.02.2002
document Stack overflow on long filename or extension in <EMBED> tag.
 Проблема в Internet Explorer (HTTP-redirect)
6!Проблемы с HTT-фолдерами в Windows
updated since 15.08.2000
6!Заткнуты дырки в IE (Scriptlet Rendering, IE Script)
6!Очередная уязвимость IE при работе с объектами Office
updated since 28.06.2000
 Заткнута дырка в IE (CAB AtciveX)
6!Очередная уязвимость в Internet Explorer / Outlook
 Ошибка в IE при определении домена
updated since 12.05.2000

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