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Name:MICROSOFT : Office 2000

6!Microsoft Excel multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 10.06.2009
document Multiple buffer overflows, memory and pointers corruptions.
8!Microsoft Word buffer overflows
updated since 11.06.2009
document Fre different buffer overflows on document parsing.
7!Microsoft Power Point multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 12.05.2009
document Multiple buffer overflows, memroy corruptions, integer overflows, etc.
6!Microsoft Excel multiple memory corruptions
updated since 14.04.2009
document Memory corruption on spreadsheet files parsing.
8!Microsoft Office multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 10.12.2008
document Multiple memory corruptions on .doc and .xls parsing.
 Microsoft Office multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 14.10.2008
document cdo: URI information leak, multiple Excel memory corruptions.
8!Microsoft Office / Word / Excel / Power Point multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 12.08.2008
document Multiple memory corruptions, protection bypass.
7!Microsoft Access ActiveX file download
updated since 09.07.2008
document SnapShot Viewer ActiveX allows file download to any location.
7!Microsoft Word multiple security vulnerabilities
document Memory coruption on RTF parsing, memory corruption on CSS parsing.
 Microsoft Publisher memory corruption
document .PUB files memory corruption on embedded objects parsing.
6!Microsoft Works / Microsoft Office multiple security vulnerabilities
document Multiple buffer overflows and integer overflows on .wps files parsing.
6!Microsoft Office memory corruption
document Memory corruption on malformed embedded objects.
6!Microsoft Word memory corruption
document Memory corruption on .doc file parsing.
7!Microsoft Excel memory corruption
document Index value is not checked on Workspace parsing.
6!Microsoft Excel memory corruption
document Invalid calculation of version information causes memory corruption.
6!Microsoft Excel multiple security vulneraiblities
updated since 08.05.2007
document Multiple memory corruptions on different record types handling.
6!Microsoft Word multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 08.05.2007
document Array overflows, memory corruptions on streams parsing and RTF parsing.
6!Microsoft Offcie multiple security vulnerabilities
document Memory corruption on drawing objects parsing.
6!Microsoft Word 2000 / XP 0-day vulnerability
document Vulnerability is used in-the-wild for malware trojan installation.
6!Multiple Microsoft Office vulnerabilities
updated since 13.02.2007
document Multiple vulnerabilities with different object types handling.
7!Microsoft Word 0-day vulnerabilities
updated since 31.01.2007
document Few unknown vulnerabilities are ussed for hidden malware installation.
7!Microsoft Excel 0-day vulnerability
document Unknown vulnerability is used for hidden malware installation.
7!Multiple Microsoft Excel buffer oveflows
updated since 09.01.2007
document Heap buffer overflow on oversized value of BIFF8 type column. Heap buffer overflow on oversized palette value for BIFF8 type column.
6!Multiple Microsoft Outlook security vulnerabilities
updated since 09.01.2007
document DoS. Buffer overflow on .iCal and .oss files parsing.
7!Microsoft Word / Open Office 0-day security vulnerability
updated since 06.12.2006
document 2 different unknown vulnerabilities are used for hidden malware installation.
8!Microsoft Office multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 11.10.2006
document Multiple Excel vulnerabilities on different records type parsing and formats conversion. Multiple Microsoft Word code execution vulnerabilities. Memory corruptions in different Office products.
6!Microsoft PowerPoinr memory corruption
updated since 28.09.2006
document 0-day vulberability in SlideShowWindows.View.GotoNamedShow() function is used for malware installation.
 Microsoft Publisher memory corruption
updated since 12.09.2006
document Memory corruption on .pub files parsing.
8!Microsoft Office code execution
updated since 16.06.2006
document hlink.dll and Excel styles vulnerability, vulnerabilities in different record types processing are used to install malicious software in-the-wild.
8!Microsoft Power Point code execution
updated since 14.07.2006
document mso.dll vulnerability is used for silent malware installation.
6!Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications buffer overflow
updated since 08.08.2006
document Buffer oveflow on VBA script parsing.
8!Microsoft Office buffer overflow
updated since 08.07.2006
document Buffer overflow in mso.dll LsCreateLine function. Buffer overflow on image formats parsing.
9!Microsoft Word memory corruption
updated since 20.05.2006
document Malformув object pointer memory corruption is used in-the-wild for malware distribution.
7!Microsoft Power Point memory corruption
document Memory corruption can be used for hidden malware installation.
8!Microsoft Office multiple vulnerabilities
document Multiple Microsoft Excel memory corruptions, all office products, including Outlook buffer overflows.
 Microsoft Power Point Temporary Internet Files folder access
document Script within HTML can access Temporary Internet Files folder directly.
10!Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook TNEF messages format buffer overflow
updated since 10.01.2006
document Buffer overflow on parsing TNEF format.
6!Microsoft Word buffer overflows
document Stack overflow on font information parsing.
 Microsoft Word buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow on .mcw (Word for Macintosh) files parsing.
 Microsoft Word integer overflow
updated since 07.10.2004
document Integer overflow in signed/unsigned conversion during .doc file parsing.
 Microsoft Excel code execution
updated since 13.10.2004
document Buffer overflow on oversized strings copying.
6!Microsoft Word WordPerfect filter buffer overflow
updated since 15.09.2004
document Buffer overflow on WordPerfect format parsing.
 Internet explorer (and others) CA certificate attack
updated since 15.08.2002
document For intermediate CA only signature is checked, missed check for basic constaint allows to use any valid certificate as CA certificate.
6!Microsoft Office 2000 Macros parsing buffer overlofw
updated since 10.10.2003
document Buffer overflow on oversized Macros name.
6!Microsoft Word Perfect convertor buffer overflow
updated since 04.09.2003
document Buffer overflow during Word Perfect document convertion.
7!Microsoft Word macro protection bypass
8!Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications buffer overflow
updated since 04.09.2003
document Buffer overflow on opening macro document.
8!Microsft Access Snapshot Viewer buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in ActiveX component marked as safe.
 Microsoft Office information leakage
6!Microsoft Office Web Components unauthorized access
document A number of unsafe functions.
6!Microsoft Word Mail Merge vulnerability
updated since 07.08.2000
document Microsoft Word document merged with Access database allows to execute VBA procedures without warning.
 Code execution via Microsoft Office XP
updated since 01.04.2002
document It's possible to include scripting object which fill be activated in case user reply or forward e-mail message. Host method of spreadsheet object allows creation and execution of arbitrary files.
6!Multiple bugs in Office Web Components
document Script execution, access to local files and clipboard.
 Очередная ошибка с обнаружением макросов в документах Office (protection bypass)
updated since 05.10.2001
 Дырка в Microsoft Word (template macro execution)
 Дырка в PowerPoint
 Дырка в Web Extender Client
 Дырка в Word и Excel
6!Заткнута дырка в MS Office (Office HTML Script, Microsoft Office HTML Object Tag)
updated since 10.08.2000
 Дырка в Excel 2000
updated since 12.07.2000
6!Очередная уязвимость IE при работе с объектами Office
updated since 28.06.2000
6!Уязвимость в Microsoft Office
updated since 13.05.2000

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