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Name:MICROSOFT : Internet Information Server 5.1

7!Microsoft Internet Information Server DoS
updated since 18.12.2005
document Request like*\~0 for virtual folders with CGI execution enabled causes server to crash and potentially leads to code execution.
 Microsoft IIS 5.1 source code leak
document Special WebDAv request to script located at FAT volume allows to retrieve source code.
6!Microsoft IS error pages information leak
document Request variable SERVER_NAME controllable by client is used to validate server access.
6!Microsoft WebDAV XML DoS
document Large number of attributes in requests causes resource exhaustion.
7!Microsoft Internet Information Services multiple bugs
updated since 29.05.2003
document Windows Media Services DoS, Crossite scripting, local buffer overflows, DoS through WebDAV.
 Microsoft IIS local ASP DoS
document Insertion of oversized header line via Response.AddHeader causes server to crash.
6!Buffer overflow in Microsoft FrontPage SmartHTML
document Buffer overflow in shtml.dll
7!Buffer overflow in Microsoft IIS HTR
document Buffer overflow on chunk-encoded POST request.
8!Multiple bugs in Microsoft Internet Information Server
updated since 10.04.2002
document Multiple buffer overflows, crossite scripting, DoS.

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