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Name:MICROSOFT : Exchange 2003

8!Microsoft Exchange multiple security vulnerabilities
document Memory corruption on TNEF (Exchange format) messages parsing, DoS.
 Microsoft Outlook Web Access crossite scripting
updated since 09.07.2008
document Crossite scripting on different pages.
8!Microsoft Exchange multiple security vulnerabilities
updated since 08.05.2007
document OWA crossite scripting, IMAP DoS, iCal parsing DoS, Base64 decoding memory corruption, IMAP DoS.
10!Microsoft Exchange Calendar code execution
updated since 09.05.2006
document Server doesn't properly handles iCal and vCal properties of MIME message.
9!Microsoft Exchange Server SMTP protocol buffer overflow
updated since 13.04.2005
document Heap overflow on extended SMTP commands.
 Microsoft Exchange 2003 multiple nested folders DoS
document Renaming or moving folder with large number of sub-folder causes service to stop.
6!Windows SMTP service buffer overflow
document Buffer overflows during preconfigured DNS server reply analisys.
8!Microsoft NNTP code execution
document Multiple bugs during XPAT command parsing.
 Microsoft Exchange 2003 OWA NTLM wrong mailbox access
document If NTLM authentication is used with front-end server it possible random access to wrong mailbox.

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