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Name:MICROSOFT : Office 97

6!Microsoft Word Perfect convertor buffer overflow
updated since 04.09.2003
document Buffer overflow during Word Perfect document convertion.
7!Microsoft Word macro protection bypass
8!Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications buffer overflow
updated since 04.09.2003
document Buffer overflow on opening macro document.
8!Microsft Access Snapshot Viewer buffer overflow
document Buffer overflow in ActiveX component marked as safe.
6!Microsoft Word Mail Merge vulnerability
updated since 07.08.2000
document Microsoft Word document merged with Access database allows to execute VBA procedures without warning.
 Дырка в Microsoft Word (template macro execution)
 Дырка в Excel 2000
updated since 12.07.2000
6!Очередная уязвимость IE при работе с объектами Office
updated since 28.06.2000

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