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Name:MICROSOFT : Outlook 2000

10!Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook TNEF messages format buffer overflow
updated since 10.01.2006
document Buffer overflow on parsing TNEF format.
 Code execution via Microsoft Office XP
updated since 01.04.2002
document It's possible to include scripting object which fill be activated in case user reply or forward e-mail message. Host method of spreadsheet object allows creation and execution of arbitrary files.
8!Buffer overflow in mshtml.dll
updated since 13.02.2002
document Stack overflow on long filename or extension in <EMBED> tag.
7!Уязвимость ActiveX в Microsoft Outlook (code execution)
 Дырка в Outlook при работе с бизнесс-картами.
updated since 14.09.2000
6!Переполнение буфера в Outlook

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