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Name:MICROSOFT : Outlook 2003

6!Microsoft Outlook information leak
document mailto: command processor allow outlook.exe command line modification to include any system file.
10!Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook TNEF messages format buffer overflow
updated since 10.01.2006
document Buffer overflow on parsing TNEF format.
 Microsoft Outlook special DOS device names DoS
document Microsoft Outlooks gangs on the messages with attachment with special device name.
6!Microsoft Outlook digitally signed e-mail and name spoofing
updated since 26.03.2005
document E-mail and name of digital certificate is not checked against message's From: address.
6!Outlook Express HTML file writing
updated since 11.05.2004
document During reply to a message with HTML file attached this file is saved to known location.
 Outlook/Outlook Express NULL character DoS
document Client hangs on POP3 receiving if message contains NULL character.
6!Microsoft Outlook shell characters problem
document Shell characters problem allow javacript execution in local zone.

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